Shildon Leap Festival
This 29th February, 5pm-8pm, Shildon Town Square is set to be transformed into a landscape of light and colour. With a generous grant from the Government’s UKSPF Levelling Up Fund via Durham County Council’s Cultural Engagement Team, Baccanalia, Supported by Shildon Town Council, is orchestrating a free leap-year celebration that promises to be both magical and unforgettable. As twilight descends on this rare day, residents are welcomed to witness Shildon as never before. The festival, a fusion of art, light, and community spirit, is an open invitation to explore the intrigue of the leap year through interactive light installations and activities. Echoing the event's themes of light and time, The Town Square will become a canvas where the mystical nature of this extra day in our calendars is brought to life. The event underscores Baccanalia's commitment to cultural engagement, aiming to make arts and culture accessible to all. It's a moment for the community to come together, celebrate, and take stock of who we are in Shildon, in relation to the universe beyond the planet we live on.
Event Details
Genre: Music, Food, Outdoor, Art, Local Interest, Public Event
Duration: 180 mins
Price: FREE


February 29, 2024 5.00pm

Shildon Town Square

Full Price: FREE


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